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My books have that oft-derided quality ‘readability’.
Each novel may be page-burningly uncomplicated
but each has a unique component designed
to keep you thinking long after you’ve put it down.

Foxwell Press 2012
Patrician Press 2015
Patrician Press 2019
"I certainly look forward to discovering
more by this accomplished writer."


Young Glasgow tenement housewife, Mary Ireland, is trapped by poverty and a lacklustre marriage. Her political awakening puts her in the path of a wealthy and ambitious Labour politician. 
Together they embark on a journey that leads all the way to the heart of government in Westminster.

Historical fact and family rumour combine to create a historical fiction in which the romance, corruption and political intrigue resonate with how we live today.

The author paints a vivid pen picture of Glasgow and London in the early 20th Century and interweaves tales of gang culture and politics with a really touching love story. I enjoyed it immensely.”
Amazon 5* review

The Movie Trilogy

Out of Such Darkness

The first novel of the trilogy was inspired and thematically linked to the 1972 Classic Hollywood movie Cabaret.
Jay Halprin struggles to come to terms with his survival after he is late for work in the Twin Towers on 9/11. At home his son is rehearsing the role of the Hitler Youth singer in his school’s controversial staging of the musical Cabaret.
Writer Cameron Mortimer recounts how in 1930s Berlin he pursued a relationship with a young man in the Hitler Youth.
Jay’s survival story collides with the repercussions of Cameron’s Berlin adventure in a shocking outcome that defines where fate ends and destiny begins.

A gripping novel  … really intelligent, well-written, well-researched and thought-provoking, one which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s an ambitious novel but Ronsson pulls it off with great aplomb and I found it a real page-turner.
Extract from an Amazon 5* review.


Once Upon
a Time in Chinatown

Inspired by the 1974 classic Hollywood movie Chinatown, this is the story of two men: one whose search for a family starts in London and ends in Malaysia and the other who seeks only fulfilment.
As in the film, this is a world of deception, where all the characters’ motives are suspect and death haunts every step.

“My intention in this book is to capture the enigma that is Chinatown and wrap it in the riddle of DeNiro’s Once Upon a Time in America smile.”

Loved this novel . Clever links to films I was intrigued enough to watch after reading it . Great characters, interesting changes of location and a gripping desire to find out if blood really is thicker than water. Thoroughly recommend this author.
Amazon 5* Review

Only available in Kindle edition here.


This final novel in The Movie Trilogy was inspired by the 1993 classic (and many people’s favourite comedy of all time) Groundhog Day.

Television personality Daniel Haskens narrates the rise to fame of the influencer, journalist and entrepreneur Lydia Love.

In a twist even the author didn’t expect Haskens is troubled by his recollections and quits.

The author takes over to complete Lydia’s story, but he is in his own race against time. Desperate that the book should be his memorial, he creates a unique work that stretches the limits of what a novel should be.

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