Olympic Mind Games

I self-published Olympic Mind Games with Pen Press in 2007. It is an exciting action adventure for young readers aged 9-12. It is set in 2012.

Hiding out in the safest place in the UK – London’s Olympic Village – 13-year-old Jack is fighting a force committed to global destruction. When the survival of the planet is at stake and his twin-sister and Olympic swimmer, Sophie, is the only one person in the world he can trust, will Jack be able to stay in the game?

The story has been revised for a new Kindle version available here at Amazon

The paperback version was an Amazon best-seller in the week of its launch and sold over 8000 copies in the UK and USA.

I Brandon of Essex said: If writing was an Olympic sport, then the author deserves a medal. This is creative writing at its best: full of imagination and suspense mixed with a grounded story of everyday family life. This isn’t just for children…..readers of every age will find this an engaging and entertaining book.

Oliver of Birmingham said: Unlike most stories, when the beginning is a little boring, this book glues you in!¬† The middle is full of mystery, making it impossible to put the book down. … It’s very exciting when Jack goes into the Olympic village pretending to be someone else, and you never know when he might be found out. This is a great book.

KT of Worcestershire said: Fantastic! At last we have the answer to global warming, but do we really want aliens involved in our planet? You also have to read it to find out whether Sophie Donovan achieves a medal at the 2012 Olympics – after all she is only 13. Beware though DO NOT click on icons on your computer, if you didn’t put it there yourself, you might start something you don’t want to finish.I don’t want to give anything else away, but I couldn’t put it down.

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