To crowdfund or not to crowdfund?

Anybody who came to my home town launch of my second novel Out of Such Darkness will remember it as a fun event. In fact, it made such a splash that I wrote up 10 Rules for a Successful Book Launch.

Now it’s time to start planning for the launch of my second book in The Movie Series called Once Upon a Time in Chinatown and my publisher and I are wondering how we can do it again in both London and Bewdley when we have such a small budget.

That’s when the idea of crowdfunding came up. If we could offer tangible Rewards in return for pledges would we be able to generate enough money to subsidise events inn both London and Bewdley? We’re hoping we can.

We have taken the plunge inasmuch as we have booked venues that show movies (the first link to the book’s theme) and we’re hoping to organise entertainment linked to the book’s content. We’ll follow the 10 Rules as far as we can so that they will be unforgettable evenings. But the nagging doubt remains, can we pull off a crowdfunding project to pay for it all? Especially bearing in mind that we’ll also be asking for support from people who live to far away to attend.

So the question hangs over us. Is it worth the effort?

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11 2019

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