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The theme of Nudging 70 is ‘Life’s Too Short’. In practice, as I’ve discovered this week, this can apply to reading. Towards the end of last week we saw that the weather forecasters were predicting an unseasonably warm few days. We own a narrowboat* and as we are both retired we are able to drop everything and set off for a cruise.

When you are on a narrowboat life goes along at four miles an hour. Even at this speed, and slower when you’re approaching obstacles like bridges and locks, the controls* need the crew’s total attention so there is no time to bury one’s head in a book.

After two full days cruising we reached Wightwick* where we turned round and enjoyed two days of uninterrupted sunshine on the way home.

Life’s never too short to spend a few days having fun. Even books, reading and writing, can wait.

  • She’s a modest craft 34 feet long, called Moonflower.
  • Calling them ‘controls’ is over complicating things. They consist of a tiller to steer and a throttle lever to make the boat go faster or slower in forward or reverse.
  • Wightwick (pronounced ‘Wittick’) is two days away from our Stourport base by boat but only three-quarters of an hour by car.

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