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In The Year of Reading Dangerously Andy Miller turned a good idea into a brilliant book about his reading life and life in general. Because my memory is poor and I don’t keep a diary, I can see that, were I to embark on a similar project to read and react to good books, it would be the equivalent of a Pilates work-out for my mind.

In the same way as I use Goodreads to remind me of the books I’ve read, so this blog, if I can maintain it, would also create a record, a memoir, that I could reflect on, perhaps.

AHP*, who thinks that anybody who puts their thoughts ‘out there’ is an unmitigated show-off, is likely to condemn the whole idea. ‘If you’re doing it to help your memory,’ she is likely to say, ‘why do you need to go public.’ My only justification is that the gene that makes a writer is tied to one that makes me want to show off through my writing*.

Life is too short to read bad books. But it is also too short to carry on reading a long book for the sake of ticking off a classic on a list. This is why I’m taking my own approach to a list of betterment. I will only continue reading a book if I’m convinced by its first 53 pages. Each week will start with a new book. After seven days I will write a blog about my reaction to it. I will continue reading books that pass the 53-page test.

The project starts with the book that inspired it – one that I did read to the end – The Year of Reading Dangerously by Andy Miller

  1. A Higher Power. My wife of 33 years. Married that is. Not age – I should be that lucky.
  2. She should allow me this, I hope, since in all other areas of my life I’m cripplingly modest. On second thoughts, she wouldn’t.

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