Why ‘Nudging 70’?

As each year passes after my sixtieth birthday, I’m increasingly aware that the grim reaper is treading in my footsteps. Nearing the close of my seventh decade*, I find myself using the phrase ‘life’s too short’ more often.

Switching metaphors, I’m driving along life’s motorway and a police patrol car has appeared in my rear-view mirror.
I reduce my speed and, until the police officer loses interest in my driving, I’ll check my speedometer regularly to ensure that I’m not passing the national speed limit*. Because, my memory being what it is, unless I check in regularly, when the patrol car signals me to pull over,  I’ll have no idea how I’ve been doing.

Inspired by a book called The Year of Reading Dangerously by Andy Miller, (see my Goodreads review here) I will take on challenging books and write about my reaction to their first 53* pages. I hope it will act as a prompt to monitor my driving in life’s two-lane highway – possibly with the occasional excursion into the fast lane.

This is mostly for my benefit but if you’re happy to sit in the back seat, make encouraging noises and never tick me off for my driving, welcome aboard.

  1. ‘Nudging 70’, geddit?
  2. ’Nudging 70′, geddit?
  3. Because I read somewhere that, if a reader decides to give up on a book, on average, the decision is made on page 53.

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