What A Cock Up!

I really thought that I was onto something new when I was inspired to write Out of Such Darkness by scenes and characters in the film Cabaret. So much so that I started describing myself as the founder of a new sub-genre of literary fiction called ‘Film Fiction’. (See my previous blog.)
It transpires that I am deluded. I have not been disabused of this notion by a sharp-eyed follower of my musings (would that my musings had followers) but rather by my own reading of Jonathan Coe’s novel Number 11. Parts of the book refer back to the Winshaw Family who appeared in an earlier novel of his and to the film What a Carve Up! Coe’s earlier novel had the same name.
I read the novel What A Carve Up! many years ago and I know that it often referred to the film. I’m pretty sure that I believed then that the film Coe weaved into the plot was one he imagined – a film he had populated with real British actors from the early 1960s Carry On films. It only takes a quick Google to learn that the film that inspired Coe’s early novel did exist. It was made in 1961. Here’s the poster:
Clearly, after this discovery, I have to defer to Jonathan Coe as the real pathfinder in the matter of ‘Fliction’ and acknowledge that my three novels (one published, one a completed manuscript and one in progress) merely follow a trail that he blazed so brightly with his bestseller.

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