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No_Mean_Affair_Cover_lowI was very happy that No Mean Affair received such an enthusiastic 5* review from ‘Amazon Customer’ on the book’s page in Amazon recently. The reviewer says:

“The setting of a lot of the early part of the book resonated with my own Glaswegian upbringing and Robert’s description of life in the city at that time is brilliant, so I was hooked from page 1. Whilst a political novel is not my normal reading fodder, I found the story extremely compelling, and you really do feel for the central characters, with their love affair at once conflicting and assisting their individual political ambitions. I read this book in one 3 hour sitting – ‘couldn’t put it down’ – ‘page-turner’ and all those other cliches really do apply here!”

Thank you ‘Amazon Customer’!
You can read the review in situ here. It’s the place where you can buy the book in both paperback and Kindle versions.
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