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Where My HeartI read this avidly, hungrily devouring the pages.
The protagonist is Robert, a flawed everyman who has lived a life but now, in its autumn, questions some of the decisions he has made (or, rather, has had made for him), the paths he has travelled, and the loves he has lost. But as I followed the path laid down by Mr Faulks I started to feel the structure of the plot creaking beneath my feet.
After an interlude in a New York hotel to introduce us to Robert, a character whom he wants us to be interested in but not admire, Faulks starts the action with a series of telephone messages. The most interesting of these is a McGuffin. Never expanded upon. Never explained.
Two of them lead Robert to take trips that prompt him to examine his past. The flashbacks and the flashbacks within flashbacks are hard to follow at times but Faulk’s excellent writing holds the reader in. Robert’s life is interesting and his forays into the world of neurology and psychoanalysis are illuminating.
But, for me, the book is flawed because Faulks drips information out at an unrealistic rate in order to create the space for the plot. A character called Pereira withholds information for no good reason other than Faulks needs him to. Robert fails to follow leads because, otherwise, the book would finish to soon.
The plot’s timing requires an act of monumental selfishness on the part of Pereira to combine with an act of superhuman disinterest by Robert to produce an ending that crashes in on itself and is likely to leave you shaking your head.

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