Finding the Furlong Girls

FurlongsIn the Q and A session after my talk Rattling the Family Skeleton I’m often asked, “Why don’t you get a DNA test done to prove that John Wheatley is your grandfather?” My response is that, based on the circumstantial evidence that supports the story in my book No Mean Affair, it would be impertinent to ask any survivors of the Wheatley family to indulge me in this.

However, I have realised that my cousins on my father’s side could provide the answer. They are the children of my dad’s older sister, Millie, and her husband Patrick (Paddy) Furlong. Given that Millie clearly inherited her father’s dark looks and her children will indisputably be hers, it’s almost 100% certain that these cousins will have their grandfather Ireland’s genes. Consequently, if my genetic make up differs from theirs to the extent that we couldn’t share the same grandfather it gives credence to my dad’s story that he wasn’t his ‘father’s’ son.

I have had no contact with these cousins for over 50 years. Perhaps through the power of the internet I can find them. They were four sisters all with the maiden name ‘Furlong’. Patricia was the oldest and will likely be in her 70s. Next was Margaret whose married name was Sampson. She and the younger sisters Eleanor and Christine are likely to be in their 60s. One of them may have had the married name Beckley.

If I could find one of the sisters it would help solve the mystery my dad started with his ‘death-bed’ confession.

If you are one of the ‘Furlong girls’ or possibly know the whereabouts of one of them, please contact me via the contact page on this site or e-mail me


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