The President Without Doubt

Trump Exec OrdersWhen I wrote Out of Such Darkness in 2010 I compared and contrasted the differences between America’s post 9/11 fear of Muslim terrorists and pre-war Germany’s victimisation of Jews. I travelled in the USA in the days after the attack on the twin towers and I was struck by how most US citizens were controlled in their responses to the tragedy. They realised that the crimes of the few did not belong to the many.

One of the characters in the book is a man driven by the certainty of his destiny and I tried to show that certainty without evidence, certainty based purely on faith or belief, is ultimately destructive.

President Trump is certain that he has one of the most powerful intellects in the world and he is certain that any deal he makes is the best deal that can be done, a great deal. He says he can make America great again because he is certain that it is true. He is certain that the crimes of a few Muslim extremists belong to the many. He is certainly a President without doubt.

Out of Such Darkness forecasts the arrival of a man like the Trump but not as President. (Let’s face it, you couldn’t have made this up seven years ago!) But it’s true to say that the themes of the book are even more relevant now than they were on the day it was published.

Out of Such Darkness (Patrician Press 2015) is available in paperback here and Kindle format here.


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