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huleravatarThis is one of the images that inspired me to write Out of Such Darkness which was published last year.

It’s a still from the beer garden scene in the film Cabaret (Bob Fosse 1972) in which a young man starts singing a folk song that becomes verse by verse more militaralistic and nationalist. It’s one of the most chilling scenes I’ve ever seen in a film. You can watch it here.

Recent events in the USA have made the themes in Out of Such Darkness more relevant than I ever thought they might be. If you’re scratching your head (like this man does in the film) after Donald Trump’s election, you should read Out of Such Darkness which examines how events can conspire to make one person’s fate fulfil another’s destiny.

The final line of dialogue in the beer garden scene is spoken by the English character. He says to the German (this is in the 1930s): “You still think you can control them?”

Is this a question that, on both sides of the Atlantic, we should be asking ourselves today?

Out of Such Darkness is published by Patrician Press.

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