The idea for my first novel came when my father announced shortly before he died that he had gone through life believing that he was the illegitimate son of a famous Glasgow politician and that he was not my supposed grandfather’s child. My research into this led me to write No Mean Affair and it was published by Foxwell Press in 2012.

An Amazon reviewer said:

“This book, a fiction based on a family rumour of the author’s genetic heritage, held me from the very start.
The fact that I finished it in only three days speaks volumes for my level of enjoyment and the desire to know what happened next.
The author paints a vivid pen picture of Glasgow and London in the early 20th Century and interweaves tales of gang culture and politics with a really touching love story. I enjoyed it immensely.”

My interest in movies led me to write the first in a series of three books under the umbrella  The Movie Series. The first two, Out of Such Darkness and Once Upon a Time in Chinatown borrow inspiration and themes and from classic movies: respectively Cabaret and Chinatown.

An Amazon review Out of Such Darkness:

“Robert Ronsson’s gripping novel was published in February 2015 and yet at the time of writing this review (October 2017) there are shamefully few mentions of it anywhere. Amazon UK has just 2 reviews and Amazon US a mere 3, and there are just 15 ratings/11 reviews on Goodreads. Not much for a really intelligent, well-written, well-researched and thought-provoking novel, one which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a dual time frame story, with one strand set in the US and beginning on 9/11, and the other in 1930s Berlin during the rise of Nazism. An unlikely pairing, it would seem, but the author deftly has the two strands gradually converge with many surprises along the way. It’s an ambitious novel but Ronsson pulls it off with great aplomb and I found it a real page-turner.”

An extract from an Amazon review of Once Upon a Time in Chinatown:

“It’s difficult to review this without giving too much away and ruining the fun. But I think it’s probably also the case that you could read it and come to a completely different interpretation of our narrator, Steve.
Overall, “…Chinatown” is one of those novels you start to read quickly cos you want to find out what happens next … but then you have to go back and read bits again cos you know you probably missed crucial little hints and pointers in all the excitement.
And the last para is a doozy!”

I’m a storyteller. I try to inject originality into the structure of my novels but the essential plotlines are straightforward. However, I do like to put a twist in the ending to keep the reader thinking after they’ve put the book down. I call this the afterburn.

I’m also a public speaker with a very popular talk based on No Mean Affair and a new one that introduces the The Movie Series to people, like me, who are interested in books or movies or both.

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Once Upon a time in Chinatown published by Patrician Press is available to order from your favourite bookstore or from my publisher’s distributors Inpress Books.
Kindle edition from Amazon.

Out of Such Darkness published by Patrician Press is available to order from your favourite bookstore or from my publisher’s distributors Inpress Books.
Kindle edition from Amazon.

My first novel No Mean Affair published by Foxwell Press is available in paperback to order from your favourite bookstore or in both Kindle and paperback versions from Amazon.

Or if you would like a signed copy of either book e-mail me direct: robert@robertronsson.co.uk


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